Quotes About Jim

"One of the most eloquent Celtic guitarists in the world... The best of the current guitarists keeping the Celtic tradition is Jim Tozier" -- Guitar Nation

"A highly skilled acoustic guitar player. Each stroke shows the sure and steady hand of a master" -- Rambles

"Tozier has a lovely assured sense of touch and feel in his acoustic playing" -- Green Man Review

"A devotion to melody and to the guitar as a storytelling instrument with a voice all its own mark his works" -- Dirty Linen

"Tozier allows us to drink in the notes as they fall off his fretboard" -- Minor 7th

"A lyrical, taste-conscious performer with considerable chops" -- Art Edelstein, The Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Page

"A sublime acoustic guitarist" -- Bridge Guitar Reviews

"Jim's got TASTE! AND he's prolific! Superb tone, plays with style and it's all about the songs first" -- Grammy-winning guitarist Amrit Sond

Quotes About Guitar Pieces

"In this his fourth solo acoustic guitar CD, Jim Tozier serves up another tasty menu of fingerstyle delicacies.... If you like clean, thoughtful fingerstyle guitar, you can't go wrong with Guitar Pieces." -- Minor 7th

"Guitar Pieces is marked by a strong sense of melody and a rich, warm expressive touch" -- Bridge Guitar Reviews

Quotes About Solo Guitar

"This is a really gentle, sweet acoustic album and is highly recommended" -- Rambles

"A fine release of solo guitar music very easy on the ears" -- Minor 7th

"16 splendid pieces of art" -- Bridge Guitar Reviews

Quotes About Celtic Guitar

"A great album... an amazing tribute to the Irish and Scottish folk tradition" -- Rambles

"The hallmark of genius... stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the great, universally known, Celtic guitarists of our time" -- Guitar Nation

"Investigates well-known pieces... with a quiet yet vigorous style that bears repeated listening" -- Dirty Linen

"It is apparent that Tozier has been immersed in the form and feel of Celtic music" -- Minor 7th

Quotes About Castlerea

"Filled with excellent Celtic fingerstyle playing... brilliantly interpreted and played" -- Guitar Nation

"Jim Tozier's debut recording of fingerstyle guitar, featuring a variety of compositions and arrangements, is a fine one" -- Pat Kirtley, 1995 National Fingerstyle Champion

"A really good first effort" -- Art Edelstein, The Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Page

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