Album Title: Castlerea
Label: Independent Release
Catalog Number: JTCD0301
Release Date: February 14, 2003

Recorded: Between April and November, 2002
Location: Fairewood Studios, Takoma Park, MD
Produced by: Jim Tozier and Al Petteway
Recorded and Engineered by: Al Petteway
Mastered by: Bill Wolf, Wolf Productions, Alexandria, VA

Photography by: Melissa Perkins
Graphic Design: Chris Iatesta

Guitar(s) Used:
1998 Taylor 714ce (cedar/rosewood)
1999 Taylor 514ce-ab (cedar/mahogany)
1999 Taylor W14c (cedar/walnut)
2001 Taylor 714ce-ltd (cedar/cocobolo)

Track Listing

Click on song titles to hear sound clips:

  1. Owen's March (Tozier)
  2. M'inion Alainn (Tozier)
  3. Trinity (Tozier)
  4. Castlerea (Tozier)
  5. Planxty Irwin (Turlough O'Carolan)
  6. The Last Keeper (Tozier)
  7. Patuxent (Tozier)
  8. The Blacksmith/Passion's Forge (traditional/Tozier)
  9. Idyll Hours (Tozier)
  10. County Fair (Tozier)
  11. Furey's Song/Faire Wind (Tozier/Petteway)
  12. Tilting at Windmills (Tozier)
  13. The Rights of Man/Brian Boru's March (traditional Irish)
  14. Pretty Girl Milking a Cow (traditional Irish)
  15. The Courtship (Tozier)
  16. Rings (Tozier)
  17. The Ride of the Red Knight (Tozier)
  18. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (traditional)
  19. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (traditional)

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